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Who we are
We are a non-profit organisation that teaches hygiene and health promotion to adults and children living in the poorer, under-developed areas of South Africa. This education is essential as every year South African statistics show increasing numbers of children and adults dying of preventable diseases like gastro-enteritis (diarrhoea, dehydration), HIV /AIDS and TB.

In 2016 Health Promoters received Barack Obama's endorsement

Helping others
Who do we educate
How do we educate
What are the results?

Helping others

In 2015, with the support of people like you, we educated 21,765 people about hygiene and health.

So this is why we use at least 70% of your money to train and employ Health Promoters, because this is, after all, what we are here for.

Who we educate


  • Many women in South Africa are vulnerable, unemployed, poorly educated and often illiterate.
  • The high rate of violence against women exacerbates their difficulties in life.
  • Attending our workshops gives them confidence, knowledge and skills as well as often enabling them to get employment.


Many elders look after grandchildren and other family members, so educating them about Health Education is very necessary.

Young people

Young people, often unemployed, need support with lifestyle choices, such as safe sex, pregnancy and healthy choices about alcohol and drugs.


Many children are not well-parented, so catching them when they are young, makes it likely that they will care for their health better later on.

How do we educate

We target the most vulnerable people in South Africa such as out of work mothers / women, the elderly, young people, and children (though we do educate other population groups too).

What are the results?

At the Health Promotion South Africa Trust our heart and passion is health education and information provision; we do not record our results in dollars or euro’s, but rather in the impact with have on the lives of the people we touch through our health education programmes. All personal details of participants to our workshops are registered which enables us to maintain contact with them and thus in time we can evaluate and measure the true impact we have in the community and see how lives have been changed.

Interesting facts

  • 65% of people who are taking the courses are women
  • 58% of people joining in the courses are under 40
  • 84% of the people who we trained did not have any previous knowledge in the subject
  • 90% of people came to the workshops to improve their knowledge
  • 70% of people will share the knowledge given by the Health Promoters with friends, family and the communityr
  • 98% of people joining in the ECD-workshop thought this workshop was extremely helpful
  • 71% of people joining in the Gastro Infection workshop had no knowledge about the subject in advance of the course


Trust information

  • Trust Reg. No: IT 431/2011
  • PBO No: 930 037 396
  • VAT No: 4140254824
  • NPO No: 140-368

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